With Andante, SCP is a PaaS, as well as CWP, but also, if you drill down to it, even DigitalOcean is a PaaS


@Patrick Nelson technically silverstripe platform is a PaaS - AWS under the hood but it does aim to abstract away from server management

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Patrick Nelson

Didn't realize this existed. I'll research it a bit; who's a good person for me to reach out to for detailed questions?


linkedin returns status code 999


Have you see this?

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999 Error Code on HEAD request to LinkedIn

We're using a curl HEAD request in a PHP application to verify the validity of generic links. We check the status code just to make sure that the link the user has entered is valid. Links to all we...

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If the "thing" in your app isn't passing a User-Agent, then you'll get that response code from LinkedIn. (Several API providers I've worked with in the past do something similar)

Patrick Nelson

I'm guessing maybe they do this to confuse bots and various evildoers?


How does a broken link "use" a non-existent status code anyway?


that crossed my mind, but too risky i reckon. We are writing up bug report and hiding the BrokenExternalLink report for now ...