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Howdy! 👋 Does anyone know if it is possible to translate form field titles with fluent in User Defined Forms? (SilverStripe 4.1)


Got it working, I had to add fluent extension to EditableFormField. Thanks for the help! 🙂

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does fluent's ConvertTranslatableTask really work? It doesn't seem to map translations to one Page


I still have two pages (main locale and translation) in the sitetree, each page has one localised entry in SiteTree_Localised, but it seems the connection between both translations has been gone


related: @robbieaverill any insights on this? It seems that the task is simply ignoring the old translation groups in DB

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We are upgrading an inherited site from 3.x to 4.x and the old site used Transatable. So we are migrating to Fluent. The site uses English and Chinese only.

I'm not sure if if this is a normal thing for Translatable, or something previous developers did, but in the old version of the site with Translatable, the site tree in the CMS simply filtered based on the selected locale. More importantly, each page has a unique URL.

E.G. English home = /home while Chinese home = /home-zh-ch

What we have found is that after running the migration, we get two sets of pages showing up in the Tree. Rather than one set that simply changes when the CMS user changes the locale. I am assuming this is all to do with the original Translatable setup have two sets of URLs and the Fluent migration treating them as separate pages. Since when we manually create a page (with fluent installed), both languages have the same slug. (/home)

Does this sound correct? And is the above setup (two urls) normal for Translatable? If so, is something missing from the Fluent migration to handle this? Any suggestions pre-migration that might resolved this?

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