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Found that documentation, got the blog sort of working. There is no documentation on how to style it or how to make the admin interface available to users. My first use of a module but I have found the module documentation not much help (it is out of date, different file structure). Very confusing!


any pointers on getting the rendered result of a url via SSViewer?



  1. $controllerName = $this->getPage()->getControllerName();
  2. $controller = new $controllerName($this->getPage());
  3. $html = $controller->render();

but it only partially renders 😕


If anybody has any pointers on where to get started making the blog module work I would appreciate it. I need for users (in a specific group) to be able to write blog posts without having page editing permissions and I also need to style the blog posts them selves. This is the first module I have used for Silver Stripe so unfamiliarity with the module system may be harming me. Is there a good module to get started on to feel my way around a bit? I have read. I did not find it much help. I have looked at and but as far as I can tell there they assume I already know how do to the basic things I cannot do.
It may be that this is not the blogging module I need....


you can grant permission to specific users for each blog, is that not enough?


hi all, how to i enable the search in SilverStripe 4?