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Hello there. I’m running into a wall here, related to extension tests. I’ve setup my test which requires a few DataObjects. Now, when attempting to run the test i get this: LogicException: Class RCAC\DocsLib\Tests\DocsLibTest\DocumentObject not loaded by manifest, or no database table configured in /var/www/vendor/silverstripe/framework/src/ORM/DataObject.php:3345

I have a fixtures file, have set $usesDatabase to true, references DocumentObject in the $extra_dataobjects property, etc.


extension is an ambiguous word in SilverStripe parlance


@halles Does DocumentObject declare its own $table_name?


Ah...are you referencing DocumentObject via its FQCN? The error above looks like PHP is trying to load it in the RCAC\DocsLib\Tests\DocsLibTest namespace


I'd wager that DocumentObject exists in a different namespace?