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Patrick Nelson

so it starts with openssl then branches out into deeper sub-commands

Patrick Nelson

and I think it's a little more nuts and bolts, so you sort of would then need to understand that a site certificate requires a private key, which itself requires a CSR, inside which you would embed some of the necessary options and etc 😄

Patrick Nelson

and looking at easypki create --ca-name root --dns --dns it looks like it doesn't give you the option to, for example, tell it where your private key is, so it just sort of seems to maybe auto-gen that for you (maybe?) and I guess it's just auto-magically making your subject (primary domain) and dumping the extra stuff past --dns into your SAN list.

Patrick Nelson

> You will find the generated certificates in $PKI_ROOT/ca_name/certs/ and private keys in $PKI_ROOT/ca_name/keys/



Is there a way to get the resource URL within a Page class?


Kia Ora! Is there a way to print out a complete list of configs for a Silverstripe Site? I am making a small OS module that give you a complete list that you can filter by vendor / package / whatever ... Right now, I am just instantiating a reflection class for each configurable class and I look for private statics ... I was wondering if there is a smarter way 😉