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(Ignore the 2nd result, the README only mentions Xero in passing)


You could look at how that module does things, or just search github for a PHP API consumer -

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Xero Developer API

Xero Developer API has 40 repositories available. Follow their code on GitHub.

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Aaron Cooper

Yeah both were the first port of call. Some modules aren't published in that directory (or packagist) so wanted to ask.

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Aaron Cooper

Second link is just their lib, which currently looking like the only way to go


Yeah, some folks don't seem to check addons - so never can quite tell 🙂


It's all very straightforward, there are classes and methods for most things you'll need to do

Aaron Cooper

Sweet @dorsetdigital yeah it looks fine. Not making much out of the explained difference between a public and private app. Which would you use for simply "Process happens on site, contact Xero to create Invoice (and Contact if needed)"?